Sterling Publishers book about the National Parks.
A Father's Gun death for New Orleans Magazine.
New Orleans Magazine and new promotional postcard.
gift guide.jpg
Rhode Island Monthly's gift guide covers.
An invite only website. The New Yorks Times.
Saying goodbye to your love. Instinct Magazine.
Summer promotional card.
Teaching through the years. New Orleans Magazine.
Toy store website background for the winter season. Educational Insights.
Every time I flip out on my kids, the devil claps. New Orleans magazine.
The many facets of farm life. New Orleans Life Magazine.
Little Egg. Children's book pitch.
Moving from a beloved home. New Orleans Life.
Interpreting a terrarium. Lilla Rogers class.
Illustrating a Halloween poster in limited colors. Brave the Woods contest.
Fall self promotional postcard.
Watching your child grow up before your eyes. New Orleans Life.
Playground journal cover. Lilla Rogers contest.
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